Articulate Weekly Challenge- Use Free Clipart

Challenge: Show and share your clip art-inspired template using one or more clip art objects:

Objective: Create one or more e-learning template slides using free clip art objects.
Tools: You can use Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, Word, or PowerPoint to create your template.
Notes: Please include the clip art file you used for inspiration.

Working for a University, I decided that I wanted to make a learning template that related to college. For this challenge I used Microsoft Clipart Gallery to find images to use. One of the interesting things I have learned while using the Articulate Community, is that most illustrations in the MS Clipart library can be ungrouped and you can pick and choose different objects within the clipart in your projects.

My search terms were: college, teaching, students. I found the following clipart images:

Image 2:
Image 3:

Image 4:

Image 5:

Image 6:

For the first slide in my template I used elements from the Image 1 in several different ways: I used the trees, building, and the people. For the people I changed the colors of the clothing. I used the sign from the Image 6. I wanted this slide to represent Welcome Week. Instead of graduates they are new students arriving at college.

For Slide 2, I used the people in Images 3 & 4. I made slide alterations to the clothing and removed some of the other background images. I also used the grass background from Image 1. However, I changed it to a pale orange. This slide deals with Study Skills 101. I wanted the slide to show students studying.

Slide 3: I reused one of the girls from Image 1 and used the guy from Image 5. I made slight color modifications to the clothing of each person. I also used the grass background from Image 1. However, I changed it to a light brown. This slide deals with tips for dating. I layered the images to show the make embracing the female.

Slide 4: In this slide I mainly used Image 2. I broken the image up and changed the colors of some of objects. I moved the chef to left side and the skillet with the egg to the right. This slide deals with eating and the freshman 15.

Slide 5 uses most of Image 1. I split the image and moved the objects around on the screen. I used the sign once again from Image 6. This slide represents the end of college and graduation.

Slide 6 is a credits slide. I used parts of Image 6 to just show grass, building, and trees along with my contact information.

Link below to view the finished project.
College Clipart Weekly Challenge

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