Creating a Countdown Time in Storyline

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to have countdown timer in one of my Storyline projects that I was creating for work. Upon searching through the different features of Storyline, I was unable to find a solution straight out of the box. I did a search of the web for solutions to the problem and came upon several different solutions. One solution was to add "X" amount of text boxes that show on the slide for 1 second year. I was wanting to have the timer countdown from 60 seconds. This would mean I would need to create 60 text boxes, and type in 60 numbers. This seemed like way to much work for what I wanted to do. Another solution was to create 60 hidden shapes (off the page) and have a variable count down each time the timeline came across one of the hidden shapes. Once again this would require me to create 60 different shapes and 60 different triggers. Using this as a starting point, I started brainstorming other solutions. The solution I came up with turned out to be pretty simple: use two 1 second audio samples and then create a loop that changes a variable every time the audio clip changes.

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Articulate Weekly Challenge- Use Free Clipart

Challenge: Show and share your clip art-inspired template using one or more clip art objects:

Objective: Create one or more e-learning template slides using free clip art objects.
Tools: You can use Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, Word, or PowerPoint to create your template.
Notes: Please include the clip art file you used for inspiration.

Working for a University, I decided that I wanted to make a learning template that related to college. For this challenge I used Microsoft Clipart Gallery to find images to use. One of the interesting things I have learned while using the Articulate Community, is that most illustrations in the MS Clipart library can be ungrouped and you can pick and choose different objects within the clipart in your projects.

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